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Summer Days Painting

This is a three tile painting with 16 images.  It also has a recolorable choice.  It comes in Sims3Pack and .package formats and the download is below the first picture.  I hope you like it. Sims3Pack .package Picture Credits:  Sofa Pillow – Exotic Elements, Potted Fern, Potted Flower – Simply Styling,  Rose Vase, Open Full-length … Continue reading »

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Rumors of Spring Painting

It’s starting to show those little signs that winter is losing hold and spring is on the way and I can’t wait.  This painting is all about spring…bright colors, flowers, and even little rabbits.  The painting will brighten your Sim’s home even on one of those grey March days when it seems that winter will … Continue reading »

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Tiny Painting with 24 choices by OM

I wanted a painting that can go on a wall and be moved side to side as well as up and down for precise placement.  The easiest way was to make it a surface object that can sit on an OMSP like the one Grant made.  It has 22 image choices and two fully recolorable choices … Continue reading »

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Some Memories Painting With Recolorable Frame

This painting has 15 images to choose from in Buy mode, a recolorable frame, and it will go on the floor or hop onto surfaces.  It has 12 slots so you can place things around it without a cheat and you can use it to clutter up a surface by filling the slots and then moving … Continue reading »

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Kitty Poses by OM

Here are five kitty poses that will play on the latest version of Cmo’s Pose Player which was updated May 1. They will play from your pose list or if you type the name in.  The link is below the first picture. Download You will need the latest version of the Pose Player in order … Continue reading »

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Recolorable Fringed Winter Rug with 15 images in 3 Sizes

This is a fringed Sims 3 rug perfect for modern, casual, or eclectic homes.  I couldn’t decide whether to make it large or small so I just made it in both sizes and added a 3 x 2 sized choice as well.  It  has 15 images to choose from and, if those won’t fit your decorating scheme, it has two recolorable … Continue reading »

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LOVE Sculpture with slots – Fixed for Pets Patch

I’ve fixed both .package and SimPack versions of the LOVE wall sculpture.  Here is the download link: Download For people without the patch I’ve left the original versions and the link for that is below the picture. Spark up your empty walls with a little love and personalize it with your own colors & clutter.  This … Continue reading »

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Go Go Painting – Compatible with Pets Patch

This painting has a slender recolorable frame and 12 images.  Base game compatible.  Download link is below the pictures. Download ___________________________________________________________________________________ You might also like:

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Three Patterns by Kajsa

Three lovely new patterns perfect for walls and furniture.  Click each picture to download the pattern. You might also like this pattern:

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Slightly Tilted Painting – Compatible with Pets Patch

Add a little imperfection to your otherwise impeccable home by giving a slight tilt to your painting.  The painting has 12 images to choose from and is base game compatible.  Download is below the pictures and comes with .package and Sim3Pack formats. Download You might also like clutter:

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