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Murally Responsible Fireplace Default Replacement

This is a default replacement for EA’s Murally Responsible Fireplace that came with the Pets EP.  You will need the Pets expansion for this to show up in your game.  It has the original 3 EA images plus 20 more images to choose from.  It functions exactly like the EA original and is recolorable.  The … Continue reading »

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Framed Poster

This is a 1 tile framed poster with 18 images and a recolorable frame.  It comes in Sim3Pack and .package formats and the download is below the first picture.  I hope you will enjoy it. Sim3Pack .package Picture Credits – First picture: Sofa pillows and table by AweSims Second picture: Sofa pillows by Exotic Elements, … Continue reading »

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Zelda Curtain Set

This curtain set is made to be as flexible as I could manage so that it will fit a variety of windows.  It includes one tile and two tile curtains, left, right, and center single panels, and an empty one tile curtain rod.  The curtain also slides up and down so that it will go … Continue reading »

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Tiny Painting with 24 choices by OM

I wanted a painting that can go on a wall and be moved side to side as well as up and down for precise placement.  The easiest way was to make it a surface object that can sit on an OMSP like the one Grant made.  It has 22 image choices and two fully recolorable choices … Continue reading »

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Some Memories Painting With Recolorable Frame

This painting has 15 images to choose from in Buy mode, a recolorable frame, and it will go on the floor or hop onto surfaces.  It has 12 slots so you can place things around it without a cheat and you can use it to clutter up a surface by filling the slots and then moving … Continue reading »

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Long Days Painting with 10 Images

It’s been awhile since I updated so now I have a little bit of backlog to catch up with.  This painting has 10 images to choose from in Buy mode and is sort of an odd collection of interesting things I found from all over.  It comes in both Sim3Pack and .package forms and the … Continue reading »

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Table with Decorative Runner

I made this table mesh a long time ago and never got around to finishing it.  It’s based on one of my favorite tables from Sims 2 that I found at Reflex Sims although this is a new mesh…not a conversion.  It’s a great design since it goes with almost every kind of decor from … Continue reading »

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LOVE Sculpture with slots – Fixed for Pets Patch

I’ve fixed both .package and SimPack versions of the LOVE wall sculpture.  Here is the download link: Download For people without the patch I’ve left the original versions and the link for that is below the picture. Spark up your empty walls with a little love and personalize it with your own colors & clutter.  This … Continue reading »

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Framed painting for floors and surfaces – Compatible with Pets Patch

This painting has 12 romantic images and a recolorable frame.  It will lean against the wall without a cheat and hop onto surfaces without an OMSP.  It’s base game compatible.  Click the second picture to download. Download __________________________________________________________________________________ You might also like:

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Slightly Tilted Painting – Compatible with Pets Patch

Add a little imperfection to your otherwise impeccable home by giving a slight tilt to your painting.  The painting has 12 images to choose from and is base game compatible.  Download is below the pictures and comes with .package and Sim3Pack formats. Download You might also like clutter:

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