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Spring Rug with fringe – 4 x 3

This is a 4 x 3 tile  fringed rug with 15 textured choices and a recolorable option.  It has a variety of styles to pick from so it will suit just about any type of decoration scheme.  It comes in Sims3Pack and .package formats.  The pictures show the rug in game and the downloads are … Continue reading »

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Black & White Painting: 16 Images & Recolorable Frame

This is a large, square, two-tile painting that has 16 images and a recolorable frame.  The images below show its in-game appearance and the downloads are below the first picture.  It comes in .package and Sim3Pack formats.  I hope you like it. Sim3Pack .package

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Tiny Painting: Modern Sets by OM

This is another small painting that can hop on an OMSP to allow precise placement singly or in groups.  All the choices have a recolorable frame, many also have recolorable matting inside the frame around the image, and the last two are fully recolorable.  There are 24 selections to choose from in all.  It costs 45 … Continue reading »

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Long Days Painting with 10 Images

It’s been awhile since I updated so now I have a little bit of backlog to catch up with.  This painting has 10 images to choose from in Buy mode and is sort of an odd collection of interesting things I found from all over.  It comes in both Sim3Pack and .package forms and the … Continue reading »

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Large Recolorable Painting with 15 Images

Here’s another painting for those with a lot of empty wall space.  It’s two tiles wide and has 15 images to choose from.  If none of those suit your decor it can be recolored in CAS also.  It costs 200 Sim dollars and is found in the Decor/Wall Decor section.  It comes in .package and … Continue reading »

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Recolorable Fringed Winter Rug with 15 images in 3 Sizes

This is a fringed Sims 3 rug perfect for modern, casual, or eclectic homes.  I couldn’t decide whether to make it large or small so I just made it in both sizes and added a 3 x 2 sized choice as well.  It  has 15 images to choose from and, if those won’t fit your decorating scheme, it has two recolorable … Continue reading »

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Recolorable Screen with 10 Images

This decorative screen is sort of a re-do of the Tropic Screen I made awhile back.  I liked that one but it didn’t have many images and I wanted to make one that’s fully recolorable with 4 channels.  This one has 10 images to pick from and, if none of those quite fit your decorating … Continue reading »

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Rectangular Painting – Compatible with Pets Patch

If you have a lot of wall space in need of vivid color this painting is for you.  There’s a couple black and white images thrown in there too.  In all there are 12 extra images besides the default choice.  Base game compatible. Download You might also like:

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Modern Frameless Painting – Compatible with Pets Patch

This one-tile painting has 12 image choices  perfect for your modern Sim spaces.  It is base game compatible.  Download below the pictures. Download If you like black and white modern art check out this version of the frameless painting, called Painted Black Wall Art, done by NyGirl.  ________________________________________________________________________________ You might also like these wall patterns:

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Modern Rug – Compatible with Pets Patch

Enhance your modern Sim-spaces with vivid floor coverings.  The download link is below the picture and includes .package and Sim3Pack formats. Download You may also like:

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