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Murally Responsible Fireplace Default Replacement

This is a default replacement for EA’s Murally Responsible Fireplace that came with the Pets EP.  You will need the Pets expansion for this to show up in your game.  It has the original 3 EA images plus 20 more images to choose from.  It functions exactly like the EA original and is recolorable.  The … Continue reading »

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Autumn Rug: 3 x 2 Rug with 16 Choices

Finally I’ve found some time to update again…this time with a 3 x 2 tile Sims 3 area rug with 16 choices in Buy mode.  The choices are all based on the unique rugs at one of my favorite sites CB2.  If you’re looking for creative and modern home decor this is a great place to … Continue reading »

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Autumn Painting – Compatible with Pets Patch

This painting has eleven varied images all in warm shades of russet and gold.  The variety of styles allows it to go with just about any decor.  The download is below the picture and includes .package and Sim3Pack formats. Download You may also like:

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Patterns by Kaj

Patterns with grunge, distressed, autumn, and modern themes.  Click the picture to download each pattern.     You may also like:

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