Black & White Painting: 16 Images & Recolorable Frame

Posted by orangemittens on February 7, 2013

This is a large, square, two-tile painting that has 16 images and a recolorable frame.  The images below show its in-game appearance and the downloads are below the first picture.  It comes in .package and Sim3Pack formats.  I hope you like it.



5 Responses to Black & White Painting: 16 Images & Recolorable Frame

  1. Juli

    awesome OM !!!

  2. Gardenof

    Oh these will fit nicely in my sims penthouse or even a loft conversion, awesome job Thank You!!

  3. etoile

    it is very nice! thank you

  4. Valpre

    These are wonderful, thanks for sharing them!

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